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Supporters, Participants, and Special Friends

With Hank Aaron and actress Betty Davis at Inauguration Reception, 1977

With Admiral Eric Olson, former Navy SEAL, and Deputy Commander of US Central Command. (2009)

With Boxing Champion and NGL Board Member Joe Frazier having fun at his workout gym, 1972

Group shot with Charlton Heston, 1966

Group shot with General Victor Krulak

With her boss at the White House, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, 1967

Charlton Heston Salute at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Arlington National Cemetery.

With actor Dustin Hoffman at Walter Reed Hospital, 1968

Frank Sinatra with a child of one of the Iran Hostages

With General Omar Bradley at a welcome home reception for POWs in Vietnam, 1973.

With General Colin Powell at the Gulf War Remembrance Ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery, 1992

With President Ford And Redskins Quarterback Billy Kilmer With POWS William Larence And John Arthur Drames At The White House.

With journalist and humorist Art Buchwald.

With President Bill Clinton, 2001

With Bob Feller, WWII Veteran and member of Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

With renowned lyricist Hal David and Mrs. David.

With Pope John Paul II

With Prince Bandar, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia at an NGL Remembrance Ceremony

With the great patriot and philanthropist Ross Perot, whose generosity made possible tributes to the families of the fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Nation’s Capital on the Washington Monument ground.
  • Betty Davis
  • Admiral Eric Olson
  • Carmella Fights Joe Frazier
  • Carmella With Charlton Hesto
  • Carmella With General Dowrin
  • Carmella With General Krulak
  • Carmella With Vice President Humphrey
  • Carmella Wtih General Frank
  • Charlton Heston Salute
  • Dustin Hoffman
  • Frank Sinatra
  • General Bradley At A Welcome Home Reception For POWS In Vietnam
  • General Colin Powell At The Gulf War Remembrance Ceremony At The Arlington National Cemetery, 1992
  • President Ford And Redskins Quarterback Billy Kilmer With POWS William Larence And John Arthur Drames At The White Hous
  • With Art Buchwald
  • With Bill Clinton
  • With Bob Feller
  • With Eunice Davis
  • With Pope John Paul II
  • With Prince Banda
  • With Ross Perot

What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Many Americans do not realize the blessings they have. In 1995, Colonel Jeff Douglass, USMC was waiting for a flight from Sarajevo to Vienna. He found himself in a conversation with a gentleman named Peter who was departing Sarajevo after gathering research for a book he was writing. Peter pointed to the United States passport, and said: “Do you know what that is worth?” “I’m afraid I don’t understand,” Douglass replied. “Of course, Peter said, forgive me, I forgot. You Americans do not realize the blessings you have. So many in this world envy you…and you do not know what you have. You see, freedom is what these people cherish. It is such a dream for many. Here, as is the case in many countries, families are willing to send their young away to freedom, in spite of the pain. You Americans are a lighthouse beacon for freedom, and I wonder if you realize this.” The world is looking for our lighthouse beacon – we must not let the light of freedom die and we must not forget those who have given so much to make it glow.

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetary

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell