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God Bless our Fallen Heroes

NGL Executive Director Carmella LaSpada (right)

Please Join Us to Honor our Fallen Heroes


No Greater Love Founder

Carmella LaSpada, Founder/Director

Carmella founded No Greater Love in 1971. She had planned a television career until fate, in the form of a black scarf, stepped in with other plans. While organizing a USO tour in Southeast Asia as a White House Special Projects Aide, she met the young wounded medic who would change her life and set her on a mission that has continued ever since. During a battle in Vietnam, this medic desperately tried to save 35 of his wounded comrades, but tragically saw each of them die in his arms before he, himself, was brought down.

As Carmella sat by his bedside offering companionship, he asked her, “Promise you will do something so that the men who died, and their families, will never be forgotten.” With tears in his eyes, he handed Carmella a black scarf—a symbol of his unit—to seal this promise which soon became No Greater Love.

NGL Community

The NGL Community is comprised of individuals,organizations, and businesses that share the mission and goals of No Greater Love. Since 1971, NGL serves as the only nonprofit, humanitarian, and patriotic organization that brings families of our fallen together to share their grief and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. We urge all Americans to show their support to families of our Fallen Heroes. Thank you.

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