No Greater Love Pledge of Peace

In 1985, Carmella initiated the No Greater Love Pledge of Peace in cooperation with the United Nations, to make children aware of their power and responsibility to help bring about world peace. More than a half million children in a hundred countries signed the Pledge, committing themselves to fostering peace during their lifetimes. To honor this accomplishment, the United Nations designated No Greater Love as a Peace Messenger.

The Pledge of Peace
“As a legacy and gift to the children who will be born
and live on this Planet Earth, I hereby commit myself to fostering peace.
I promise to do everything I can to help create a common future of peace and justice
for all human beings.”

written by Louis M. Savary

Vice President, No Greater Love

A laser videodisc containing the children’s signatures was flown as part of the Official Flight Kit aboard the ill-fated orbiter, “Challenger,” in 1986. The videodisc, one of a few items NASA miraculously recovered from the ocean floor, was later presented to the Smithsonian Institution by No Greater Love and the first signers of the pledge were children from St. Francis de Sales School in Philadelphia, PA.